Bon Devil



Bon Dévil is pure pleasure without the guilt. Each of our wickedly delicious coconut-based desserts is an unholy eruption of plant-based paradise. No dairy, no gluten, no evil GMOs, no sin, no compromise.


Few mortals can resist the devastating temptation… pick up your pitchfork and go to heaven. Prepare to experience pure ecstasy with these absolutely devourable desserts.  Tempted?

Are Bon Dévil desserts dairy-free?

To hell with dairy! In other words: yes. All our purely pleasurable treats are 100% plant-based and dairy-free.

Are Bon Dévil desserts certified vegan?

We may be devilish on the outside, but we’re angelic on the inside. All of our desserts are certified by the Vegan Society and contain no animal products whatsoever.

Are Bon Dévil desserts Non-GMO?

Hell yeah. GMOs are evil and have no business here. All our desserts are Non-GMO Project Verified. Look for the butterfly logo on our pack.

Are Bon Dévil desserts gluten free?

Yes. Our current desserts are free from the sins of gluten.

Do Bon Dévil desserts contain cholesterol?

Nope! We have your heart’s best interests at heart.

How do you handle allergens for Bon Dévil dessert products?

All of our factories have made a deal with the Bon Dévil – they’re certified for food safety, including safe handling of allergens. All allergens present in our product are indicated on our packs and website.

What are the main ingredients in Bon Dévil desserts?

Coconut milk! No cows here. We combine our creamy coconut base with mouthwatering, indulgent ingredients to create our incredibly permissive desserts.

Where does Bon Dévil source ingredients from? Are monkeys used to harvest the coconuts?

Our ingredients come from Indonesia and the Philippines. We only use approved, certified and ethical suppliers that NEVER use monkeys to harvest coconuts.

What other good deeds does Bon Dévil do?

Thanks for asking. Not only do we make heavenly good desserts, we love doing hellishly good things too. We are proud to partner with Pur Projet to plant thousands of coconut trees every year to help our farmers in Southeast Asia.

Are coconuts good for you?

Is Satan a fallen angel? Coconuts are amazing as they’re jam-packed with minerals, electrolytes and healthy fats.

Do Bon Dévil desserts need to be refrigerated?

Refrigerate, then devour chilled.

What material Is used for Bon Dévil dessert packaging and is it recyclable?

Every single piece of our packaging is fully recyclable. Non-recyclable packaging is sooo Old-Testament.

How do I get Bon Dévil coupons?

Sign up for our email list. We’ll send coupons periodically.

Where can I buy Bon Dévil products?

We are tirelessly doing the Bon Dévil’s work to get our un-guilty pleasures into more and more retailers. Have a look (and perhaps obsess) at the ‘find in store’ page on our website to find those closest to you. Our desserts are also available on & Hungryroot Nationwide, as well as Amazon Fresh in most major metro cities.

How can I get in touch with Bon Dévil?

Reach out to us at [email protected].
Plus, share your stories and photos @thebondevil on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok.